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Founder, CEO, Sales Generalist

Inspirer and creator. Jet engine of the entire team. He has extensive experience in sales, organization and management of sales departments, negotiation (including international level), and project management. He worked in an enterprise adjacent to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, where he represented the interests of the company and conducted negotiations on its behalf around the world.
The main principle - "If the problem can not be solved, then the solution was not looked for well enough.
Responsible for the implementation of projects at all stages, and all related processes.

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Project Manager

Became a division manager in the marketing department at the age of 20. Can make a "shaitan money making machine" out of CRM (real feedback from one of the clients). Independently launched advertising campaigns on TV (from the planning and calculation stage to filming, airing and cutting the results). Participated in the creation and development of the best Ukrainian brand of power tools. Together with team created retail network and flagship store (from search of location, to opening and bringing turnover up to 1 mln.hrn/month).
Specializes in business process analytics, marketing analysis, building funnels and sales architecture, building a marketing strategy and marketing department.

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BI-developer, IT-specialist

Specialized in working with databases and business process analytics. Has integrated the ERP system in Moldova, Armenia, and Ukraine for one of the world's largest tobacco companies. Participates in the development of sites and technical solutions for them. Integrates and modifies CRM systems individually according to each request. Special skills: SSIS packages, SQL, MS SQL Server, MySQL, C++, C#, JAVA PYTHON, SWIFT, HTML + CSS + JavaScript, Tilda, Wordpress, Opencart

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Business Analyst

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CRM Integrator

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Full Stack Developer

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