Everyone thinks about investing money with a guarantee of repayment. In search of a solution, they turn to banks, investment funds, etc. Who invest in companies, earn a % and give a part of it to you.
PM Digital Transformation - provides an opportunity to invest directly and earn money without intermediaries with direct guarantees and commitments

Founder, CEO Popov Nykyta

Investment in IT company

High margins and profitability of the company.
Immunity to factors that affect the company's growth in alternative areas (in covid, we showed significant growth while the rest of the business was closing). 

Clear and established processes in the company, allow open and transparent control, management and scaling of the company.
The presence of this factor allows you to generate financial forecasts for 12, 24 and 48 months with an accuracy of 5-10%. 

Direct investment in the company without intermediaries, hidden commissions and shifting responsibility to third parties. You get a direct contract with the company, which guarantees you a refund of the investment amount + % with a clear date of receipt of funds.  

Packages for Investments


Investing from $5000
In a year you get the amount + 18%


Invest from 5000$
In 2 years you get the amount +42% (21% per year) 


Invest from 5000$
In 3 years you get +75% (25% per year) 

Do you want to invest?

Personally CEO Nikita Popov, will advise you on any issues, data, form an agreement together with our team of lawyers and sign.


CEO Phone (Telegram/Viber/Whatsapp)




Ukraine: st: Prospect Avenue 121b, 02000USA: 105 W. Main St., Suite 200, Charlottesville, VA 22902


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